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  • ISE, Certificates and Caching Users

    Hi all, I am trying to implement EAP-FAST with MSCHAPv2 as inner method and so only the client connecting should have to validate the server certificate. This is succeding and failing very randomly it seems and I cannot help thinking that this might be because the client/server is caching something somewhere...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by UDA on 04-28-2016
  • GETVPN with certificates

    Hi. I have this topology: first KS: router 9 2nd KS: router 4 root CA: router 8 GMs: routers 1,2,3 I have configured R8 as root CA and created trustpoints on all of the other router and authenticate and enroll to that root CA; so I can see the relative certificates on the routers issued by R8. on R9...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by timaz on 04-04-2016
  • Re: Anyconnect with SCEP auto-enrollment

    Hi, It means that the authentication is gonna be made using 2 authentication factor such as a username and a certificate (pki), in this case this is done to improve security. Whenever you configure a tunnel group you can use a 2 authentication factor such as AAA (LDAP, Radius and tacacs) and certificates...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by auranprost on 05-01-2014
  • Anyconnect with SCEP auto-enrollment

    Hi Guys, I have been trying to configure any connect dual authentication factor with SCEP auto-enrollment. I was successful in configuring everything, including the LDAP-Map group redirection with both group-policies using simultaneous login 0 and the mapped with 3 simultaneous logins. Everything happens...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by auranprost on 04-26-2014
  • Re: Lab 3.3 The Phase 1 Cannot complete

    Thanks for this response, after taking a much longer amount of time than I probably should have in trying to troubleshoot, I finally searched the forums to find this reply, which solved the issue. The bright side is that, once I got the CA enabled for SCEP (another hint is to browse to http://10.0.0...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by wsc7290 on 04-15-2012
  • Re: Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)

    Hi Kingsley, Thanks for your reply.Can u please let me know how exactly enrollment process works in routers by using SCEP.Kindly post the link from which i can get working process of SCEP.Awaiting your response.Thanks in advance for your reply.
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by jalakam on 10-15-2010
  • unable to enroll trustpoint with mscep

    Greetings, I'm quite frustrated here as I can't install the certificate for lab1 task 3.2. 1. NTP is enabled 2. General rsa encryption key modulus 512 is setup 3. Trustpoint is configured: crypto pki trustpoint INE1 enrollment mode ra enrollment url
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by vadamov on 07-04-2010
  • Re: IPSec: ISAKMP RSA authentication Question

    If you are using X.509 certs for authentication, then the router will acept any peer with "trusted" certificate. Here trusted means 1) We can track the certificate trust chain down to a trusted CA 2) The certificate is not revoked when we check at CRL Also, when used with ezVPN, IOS will match...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by Petr Lapukhov on 12-02-2008
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