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  • New to CCNA and IEOC

    Hi all, This is riten, Recently moved to states with telecommunication background with master degree, found out certification will be the best path to get core knowledge and gate pass to get into networking field. After 4-6 months of research about best place to get training finally signed up for INE...
    Posted to CCNA (Forum) by Riten on 12-22-2016
  • cannot get terminal server config to work

    I am trying to set up a 2851 router with an NM-32A network module and ios v. 15.1.4T and i cannot get this to work and I know I must be doing something wromg. I have given the 2851 an IP address of pm G0/0 and an IP address of on L0 Where am I going wrong? When I do a sh Lines...
    Posted to CCNA (Forum) by popquiz on 09-19-2016
  • TTL Security Error

    In our environment there is a MPLS router which are connected to multiple switches. I am trying to communicate which is one of the interface on Router and other interface on the router is When I am trying to ping I am getting "ttl expired in transit"...
    Posted to CCNA (Forum) by RajaGonuguntla on 08-19-2016
  • Which images do I use for INE workbook?

    Hi! Guys, could you please tell me Which images do I use for INE workbook (both Router/Switch)? Thank!
    Posted to CCNA (Forum) by RedmiGinx on 11-10-2015
  • Can not complete task 1.5!!!!

    Im practicing labs from the CCNA INE workbook and using packet tracer to practice these labs. Ive been doing so far as it says at each of the tasks since 1.1 until 1.5 except one lab was instructing me to change the encapsulation type to isl but it seems packet tracer doesnt support isl and only dot1q...
    Posted to CCNA (Forum) by Edgarinho87 on 08-12-2015
  • I'm new - CCNA Workbooks

    Hello everyone, I've just purchased the CCNA bundle and I'm interested in using the workbooks for my CCNA study. I've done a few searches in the forum but can't find the information I need. I'm just looking for a bit of advice on getting started. How do the workbooks work, in terms...
    Posted to CCNA (Forum) by StewartBeel on 07-24-2015
  • RIPv2 Hop Count Off

    So I'm following allong with the CCNA videos from INE and I'm on the section where RIPv2 is introduced. Ive enabled RIPv2 on all devives required (SW1, R1, R3 and R5) but for some reason my R3 thinks that the network is only a single hop away as apposed to the 2 that it really is...
    Posted to CCNA (Forum) by AKfromLA on 04-25-2015
  • Re: Fame-Relay Multipoint & EIGRP

    Keith I checked and do not see anything under the EIGRP process. They all look the same. I tried to include the wild card mask - no change.
    Posted to CCNA (Forum) by ibmufa on 03-05-2015

    bengood24 Yes, all ports are up. The PC's are on the same switch. It appears no traffic crossing the switch from PC2. Thanks for pointing out about the port/int status. They were up but no luck. However, with that suggestion, it pointed me in another direction. I moved connection from Fa1/2 to fa1...
    Posted to CCNA (Forum) by ibmufa on 03-05-2015

    bengood24 The routers can ping each other on both subnets. I reconfigured the IP address of PC2 on fa0/0 instead - no change. I changed the default-gateway to .1 instead of the virtual of .4 as be4 -still no change.
    Posted to CCNA (Forum) by ibmufa on 03-05-2015
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