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  • ASA Failover

    Hi; In configuring Failover between two ASA 5500x series ASA, we assign different IPs to any interfaces on both ASA; for example, we assign to inside interface on primary ASA and to inside interface of standby ASA. so if the ASA is going to be dwfault gateway, which of these IP addresses...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by timaz on 01-23-2017
  • applying NAT (port-map) on VPN clients

    Hi. I have ASA 9.x with 2 IKEv1 site-to-site VPNs to 2 branches. I have also a web server inside the main office that services the web requests sent to TCP 8080. clients which access this web server are inside the main office as well as the branches. the IP addresses of the branch clients has been assigned...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by timaz on 11-15-2016
  • Intervlan routing in ASA

    Dear All, I am currently facing an issue where I have to do intervlan routing communication in ASA. Please find the topology diagram below : Current Result : From user I am able to ping destination [user] From user I am able to ping destination [user] From user 30...
  • ASA 8.4 (2) NAT

    I'm working on ASA NAT. I have ASA connected to 3 different devices by internal, dmz and outside interfaces. I want to configure ASA so if a router resides in the outside connects to ASA's external port with destination port 4444, ASA forwards it to internal router with destination port 23. my...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by timaz on 04-16-2015
  • ASA Basic question

    Hi; I'm completely new to ASA and working on a very simple topology where I have asa with 3 ports named Internal, Outside and DMZ. each interface is connected to a router. I have configured a static nat under a Network object, so there is static entry on XLate table. my test includes seting up telnet...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by timaz on 04-15-2015
  • can't ping between ASA and any device in GNS

    hi. I did managed to add ASA 8.4(2) to GNS3 and run the CLI. As documents say, I have connected ASA to a switch and created a Cloud. but after assigning IP to loopback interface of my computer (My MS loopback adaptor on my PC) and ASA gig0, I cannot ping between them. for test I add a router to the topology...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by timaz on 04-06-2015
  • Anyconnect on Andorid connecting to Externally hosted app issue

    Hello All, It would highly appreciated if anyone can help find solution on the below mentioned scenario: We are trying to access few externally hosted applications via anyconnect on the android devices. However, those are not accessible. We can access the internal sites without any issues. We can access...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by Ameyadh on 12-24-2014
  • ASDM for ASA

    I want to use ASDM to connect to ASA. I used some documents on Internet and did managed to setup and run ASA 8.4(2) on GNS3 and run commands in CLI. And then I setup ASDM 7.3.1 to be able to connect to ASA. I setup the newest version of Java (V8, update 25) and managed to see the home page that ask me...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by timaz on 11-17-2014
  • Access-list after Upgrading ASA to 8.4

    Dear All, I have ASA 5520 which was running on software version 8.2, I have upgraded it to 8.4.7. Migration process completed successfully and seems everything went good, I just got one weird issue related to the ACLs associated to object group, below is the explanation before and after the migration...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by CLK2 on 10-26-2014
  • Site to Site | ASA | Interview Questions

    Hey Everyone, Recently I had a telephonic interview with a Company.. I was asked some questions and from them, I am discussing 2 Questions here for which I need to know the solutions.. Kindly Help.. Q1: There are 2 sites, one in London and other in Delhi.. Site to Site VPN has been configured on ASAs...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by navneetnarang on 06-27-2014
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