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  • CCIE R&S (v4) Volume 1

    I know it's V4 but trying to gleam as much knowledge as I can that will still be valid for v5 before I upgrade my lab etc. Anyways, I was working on the qos topics and while I get policing/shaping etc I am still struggling with the smaller details. 10.25 MQC Hierarchical Policers is one of them....
    Posted to QoS (Forum) by rllove01 on 03-18-2015
  • Re: 10.42 MQC Single-Rate Three Color Policer

    I was scratching my head for a loooong time on the same point until I came across your post! Thanks !!
    Posted to QoS (Forum) by RoadToCCIE on 07-25-2013
  • MQC Single-Rate Three-Color Policer

    The solution guide explains how policing burst sizes at one end must be greater than shaping burst sizes at the other end, but the explanation is a little too difficult for me. Can someone explain? ------------------------------ By the way, the formula in Step 3 in SG should be corrected as follows ...
    Posted to QoS (Forum) by Tomohide on 05-06-2013
  • 10.39 RSVP and WFQ

    Hello all, While completing this task, I noticed something in the solution guide that has thrown me off. The solution guide says the following while referring to the command " ip rsvp bandiwdth <total-bw> <per-flow-bw> " - " If you omit any parameters to the above-described...
    Posted to QoS (Forum) by ShaneK on 02-21-2013
  • 10.37 MLPPP LFI over Frame Relay

    Hello, Can someone explain why on R4 we have : policy-map SHAPE_DLCI_100 class class-default shape average 256000 2560 0 ! map-class frame-relay DLCI_100 service-policy output SHAPE_DLCI_100 and on R5: map-class frame-relay DLCI_100 frame-relay cir 256000 frame-relay mincir 25600 frame-relay bc 2560...
    Posted to QoS (Forum) by Thibault on 02-03-2013
  • 10.63, pass-through marking

    the second requirements of this task is preserving the CoS value while trusting IP-precedence. but " mls qos trust ip-precedence " command does not have this keyword; and the solution uses " mls qos trust dscp pass-through cos ". so why do we use this command, while we must trust...
    Posted to QoS (Forum) by timaz on 02-02-2013
  • 10.26 Two-rate Three-color policer

    just adding this here as a side note - it might help Cir = 64kbps 400ms Pir = 128Kbps 200ms Bc = Cir/8 * (Tc/1000) --> Bc = (64000/8) * (400/1000) = 3200 Be = Bc *2 --> Be = ( (128000/8) * (200/1000) ) *2 = 6400 (for Be, Bc value is derived from pir) policy-map SUBRATE_POLICER class FROM_R1 police...
    Posted to QoS (Forum) by Thibault on 02-02-2013

    Hello All, As per 10.22, in order to enable GTS on R6 the only configuration that is required is : policy-map PM1 class class-default shape average N1 N2 interface Fa0/0.146 service-policy output PM1 but when I issue the command show policy-map interface fa0/0.146: sh policy-map int fa0/0.146 FastEthernet0...
    Posted to QoS (Forum) by Thibault on 02-01-2013
  • 10.20 MQC Dynamic Flows and WRED

    Hello All, The last point of the question states that "As the queue depth grows close to the maximum threshold, the probability of packet discard should be 25%." Book answer : fair-queue random-detect random-detect precedence 1 1 40 4 From the show policy-map : Class-map: class-default (match...
    Posted to QoS (Forum) by Thibault on 02-01-2013
  • 10.45 - MQC peak shaping

    I think the Bc and Be values should be 640 not 6400 , regarding of this formula: Tc (sec) = Bc (Bit) / CIR (Bit/sec). 0.10 = bc/64000 ==> bc=640. I think I'm wrong. so please correct me.
    Posted to QoS (Forum) by timaz on 01-27-2013
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