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  • PfR Minimum Requirment Documentation variations

    For the LOVE of Buddah could I find just one, consistant reference on what is required for PfRv2??? THe R&S v5 official books state 1 MC, 1 BR and 2 WAN links. Cisco's PfR documentation is all over the place: 1 MC, 1 BR, 1 WAN, 1 local and if you want managed PfR then 2 WAN links. This link states...
  • OER-inpolicy*

    Hi all, Trying to understand the logic of inpolicy*. " The prefix can be inpolicy and being controlled by OER, or inpolicy* and not controlled by OER. The presence of the asterisk (*) on the state attribute indicates the network is known to OER, but is under the control of the parent route. When...
  • OER/PFR IOS 12.4T and IOS 15 : Specific Protocol Routing Decision

    Hi Folks, on the new version of OER "called PfR" at IOS 15, we can select specific protocol or DSCP value with a very flixable way using matching traffic-class with ACL and Prefix -list or using Learn-List, and i can define a policy for such traffic flow, below is example pfr-map test 10 match...
  • Re: PfR profile phase

    [quote user="Olugbenga.Oyebande"] [quote user="Olugbenga.Oyebande"] Also replace the access-lists within the learn lists with Nbar satements so that we are sure we get the telnet in both directions. traffic-class application ssh [/quote] [quote user="Olugbenga.Oyebande"...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 05-12-2012
  • Re: PfR profile phase

    I reduced the " peridic-interval " to 2 minutes and " monitor-period " to 1 min, and combined the 2 oer-maps into 1 as you see above and finnaly apply it to OER master with " pulicy-rule " command. but again nothing happend and just unwanted prefixes and invalid mask are...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 05-11-2012
  • Re: PfR profile phase

    Hi. I combined 2 oer maps as follows, but nothing happend and again despite my learn lists, and was learned! even when I isse " sh oer border active-probes " on BR, again nothing is shawn as active probes, whereas I setup 2 'echo" and "jitter"...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 05-10-2012
  • Re: PfR profile phase

    It seems nobody has worked on PfR and this new future has been leaved untouched! I'm waiting for any reply that can help me understanding PfR... tnx
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 05-09-2012
  • Re: PfR profile phase

    regarding to ACLs configured, I just permitted and with aggregation types to be /32 and /16 respectivelly. but none of this rules are applied to what is learnt. so what is the solution?
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 05-09-2012
  • Re: PfR profile phase

    Hi all. I was working on PfR profile phase and encountered with some issus. I have 3 routers (R1, R2 and R3) connecting through LAN, with R3 as the border that connects to R4 router. R1 is the OER master and R3 is the OER border. I creted 3 loopback interfaces on R4 with the ip addresses of 44.44.44...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 05-08-2012
  • PfR profile phase

    with the ability to directly refer to an ACL or Prefix-list inside a "pfr-map" command, so what is the necessity of using "learn Lists" ? I think if we know the exact destination addresses or prefixes, we don't need a learn list and it is sufficient to refer to ACL or Prefix-list...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 05-01-2012
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