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  • Re: TCP Load Distribution with NAT on ViRL

    This is a little old, but I'm having a similar problem. The telnet from R8 times out. After doing a packet capture, I see that the TCP ACK is coming through with the outside global address ( instead of the inside global ( So R8 isn't expecting this and responds with...
  • Re: Need help on NAT configuration

    Hi Cristian, Since the packet is coming from outside , couild you explain why the nat statment has to be inside please?
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by Nanis on 02-17-2016
  • A Little help on Destination NAT

    Topology Hi Experts, Below is my requirement. I want PC2 to use ip to access FTP server (who’s original IP is Below is my configuration of all the device R2 R2#config t Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. R2(config)#do sh run | sec ip nat ip nat outside...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by goie on 01-27-2016
  • NAT to translate traceroute replies

    regarding to the post published at ine site (, I have a question. I wonder if I can get the same result with redirecting locally generated traffic to loopback interface and apply NAT to the loopback. as the original scenario has shown, I have...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 12-30-2014
  • modifying "traceroute" output

    Hi; As mentioned in the topic at this link I decided to test it on GNS (3725 router) but it does not support this in that way. so I decided to forward the local traffic to loopback and apply the NAT policy on the traffic comming back into loopback...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 10-15-2014
  • NAT Redundancy

    Hello, It seems that starting from IOS 15.3 stateful NAT feature is not operational any more in the way it used to work before: R4(config)#ip nat stateful id 20 R4(config)# 000024: *Aug 30 13:42:27.487 UTC: %PARSER-3-BADSUBCMD: Unrecognized subcommand 10 in configure command 'ip nat stateful id 20'...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by Suxx on 09-23-2014
  • NAT ALG, v5 blueprint

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any information on NAT ALG (examples, tutorials... ), I see this topic is on v5 blueprint. Not sure what we could be tested on regarding that topics, and I'm struggling to find any good information on that subject. Kind regards, Vincent
  • Stateful NAT with overload

    Hi. I'm trying to test the stateful nat with " overload " keyword, on Cisco 3725 Adventerprise 12.4(15)T7, but it seems that these fuatures are matually exclusive! I mean when I use " overload " keywork, I cannot use " mapping-id " keywork at the end of the " ip...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 07-21-2014
  • stateful NAT without HSRP

    Hi. I' was working on stateful NAT with HSRP and faced with a question. according to resources, without HSRP, we can use Stateful NAT with Primary/Backup scenario, in which the keepalive messages take the HSRP role of tracking. but I think in this situation, (without HSRP), the clients uses the actual...
    Posted to CCIE Routing & Switching Technical (Forum) by timaz on 07-19-2013
  • More NAT issues

    More NAT behaviour problems I have been hitting NAT hard as it is a tricky subject. I was following a blog post that looked like a fairly simple excercise which I labbed up and found some more odd behaviour. The toplogy is: R5 | R1 / \ R2 R4 The task was that when R5 telnets to port 23 it...
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