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  • RSA Keys Not-Exportable

    Dear All, I have a query regarding RSA keys. My question is when I am generating RSA keys using the command “Crypto key generate rsa” the keys created are said to be not-exportable, why is it so? & what does it means? Awaiting your response at earliest. Thanks in advance for your reply...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by jalakam on 07-18-2013

    Dear all, I configured URL filtering policy in router and below are the config done in router. My topology is R1 à R2 à PC As per the below mentioned parameter map which I configured matches LOG option. Hence while logging in to the router R1via web browser which is connected to R2 from...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by jalakam on 02-12-2011
  • Re: VPN Solution Volume 1 Lab 2.9 IOS L2L VPN Aggressive Mode

    Hi All, I also stumbled on it. While I didn't come up with FQDN resolving solution I looked at the and saw quite different configuration that worked . I post it here but would like to know opinions if this answers the task or not (e.g. I use isakmp profiles at Responder router and not initiator...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by apachepro on 09-23-2010
  • Lab practicing and appling knowledge to real exam

    Hi all, I know there are different strokes for different folks. So as there are different ways of people's learning styles and understandings, of course, the application of the learned knowledge to real life scenario. Application of knowledge and experience to real life becomes issue when everyone...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by ciscangel on 06-13-2010
  • Initial WorkBook configurations

    Hi all, Ok, I completed my super-duper lab (6) 3645 for R1-6, (3) 3725 for BB1-BB3, (1) 7204VXR for Frame Switch, (4) 3560G on Etherchannel, (2) ASA5550, Win2003 server for ACS/CA, IPS 4215, but I need the initial configurations for R1-R6 to validate my frame-relay configs and other initial routing protocol...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by ciscangel on 05-23-2010
  • Re: 1.30 FTP traffic inspection

    I used window 2003 server's IIS ftp server. But, I don't think this would make any difference. I used pix with 8.0.4 code, could there be a bug in the code? configuration is exactly the same as book solutions. I am still be able to ftp "c2600.." file successfully.
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by mike9chan on 04-06-2010
  • 1.30 FTP traffic inspection

    Hello, I copied verbatim 1.30 FTP traffic inspection, but it still not working as solution says: On page 186 Note, it says "when you try to download these files, you will get response these files does not exist, as firewalls denies this operation." I can still ftp and get file successfully...
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by mike9chan on 04-04-2010
  • CCIE Security WB Vol I ver 5.0 for ASA

    Hi All, I am refrerring to ASA WB Vol I Ver 5.0. In lab 1.45 - Firewall Contexts on page 202, it is mentioned that "it is possible to share the IP address on shared interface". In this case how packet will get classify? How ASA will divert returned packet to correct context? Regards, D.M.Gore
    Posted to CCIE Security Technical (Forum) by DMG on 09-13-2009
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