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  • 01-06-2017 8:50 PM

    Easiest Way to Practice on ASDM

    I have targeted to take my CCNA Security exam by end of Jan, and I am using the bootcamp and the Technology course by Chris - which are amazing. I am also using the Official cert Guide as well and also reading through Cisco Design Docs.

    One thing that I am unable to conclude is what is the cheapest way to practice on ASDM and ACS ( at least from the 210-260 exam perspective ), there are several options:

    1. I could use VIRL on Packet, this gives me ASAv and therefore ASDM( but no ACS but for CCNA level I can live with that)

    2. I could use the Rack rentals from INE for CCIE security to get some hands on walkthrough in th ASDM as well ( although the CCIE Secuirty Rack Guide does not talk about anything w.r.t ASDM but I think I could use one of the test PCs and just URL into ASDM on the ASA - Right INE experts? )

    3. Get ASAv and deploy it on AWS ( or even ESXi locally on my computer - but AWS is so much more fun ) - but I am un-able to download ASAv software from Cisco Software central due to some form of account restrictions....)


    Maybe there is better/cheaper way ? It would be great if there was  a smaller rack rental just for the sake of CCNA/CCNP Security with 2 or 3 tokens per hour :) ( nudge nudge sales team )


    Thank You in advance.

    Kind Regards




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  • 01-06-2017 9:39 PM In reply to

    Re: Easiest Way to Practice on ASDM



    Personally I would go for version 2 or 3. If you work for a Cisco Partner and you do not have the necessary download rights associated to your CCO account, you could ask the local Cisco team in your country to provide download access for specific ASAv file. Then, of course, deploy it in your own environment and start playing.


    If this is not possible, then probably INE rack rentals would be just perfect. As this is only CCNA, it will not take you so much time to practice the necessary topics on ASDM as you mentioned.


    Happy studying.

    Thank you,


    CCIE #45766

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  • 01-07-2017 12:55 PM In reply to

    Re: Easiest Way to Practice on ASDM

    Thank you for the response.

    I just did the following:


    1. Spent a couple of hours understanding the INE rack system, spent 8 tokens on the CCIE Security, got ASDM up and running and played around with it a bit. Not bad, tried also getting ACS up and running but ran out of time :). I would suggest to INE Sales that they should come p with a smaller product in the Rack rentals that is just made for Associatte and Professional level folks to test out ACS, ISE and ASDM and charge something like 3 or 4 tokens per hour.


    2. I also then used Microsft Azure and deployed their prebuilt ASAv from the Market place. worked well and got it tnning ( for free ) BUT truns out the ASAv did not have ASDM on it!!!! ( no bin file...) even though the Documentation from cisco says it should - Disappointing!!!


    I will also try the same on AWS ( have some problems there and have asked for AWS support ) - hoping they thier ASAv from thier market place will have asdm.bin and then I will have asdm for free :D.

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