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  • 01-25-2014 4:14 AM

    Workbook 1, Module 2 Help needed!!! Thx


    Can you please assist me on this problem? may be I did something wrong in the set-up, currently working on CCIE DeepDeive Series and WorkBook Vol 1 version 3.5.

    I started Module 2 today and I encounted couple of problems. I loaded the Module 2 Initial Config from the control panel and VPN to the Rack.

    Problems I found are,

    Task 2.1: change from Hostname to IP address, where the server was already configued in IP address... so I wasn not able to change it but the task ask to change it...

    Task 2.6 - Task 2.12: I was not able to access the phones from Variphy to test debug calls
    example on Task 2.6 Place a call to 911 to generate records to view 

    The Variphy UI was not able to load the phones because the phones did not recieve any IP addresses. Switchport for IP phones on CorpHQ-Switch show ip interface brief: Up Up and DHCP configured on the Switch but no IP addresses assigned to phones and the phones were not registered to Pub or Sub.

    I need your help... Please help me on the problem so I know the exact way to load the configs...

    Thanks a lot
    & Best Regards

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