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  • 07-23-2012 5:27 AM

    MWI in SRST - Voice Lab 4 Workbook Volume II v3.5

    Hi, Having a trouble with Lab 4 (new v 3.5 version) task 4.28.

    CUE configured and works fine, including MWI when connected to CUCM. In SRST mode I can't make MWI working. Configuration is stight forward:

     mwi-server ipv4: expires 3600 port 5060 transport udp unsolicited
    dial-peer voice 3500 voip
     destination-pattern 350[0-2]
     session protocol sipv2
     session target ipv4:
     dtmf-relay sip-kpml sip-notify
     codec g711ulaw
     no vad
     voicemail 3500
     mwi relay
    ephone-dn  1  octo-line
     call-forward busy 3500
     call-forward noan 3500 timeout 12
     mwi sip
    ephone-dn  22
     number 3503...
     mwi-type both
     mwi on
    ephone-dn  23
     number 3504....
     mwi-type both
     mwi off


    CUE# sh ccn application
    strMWI_OFF_DN:     3504
    strMWI_ON_DN:      3503
    SIP Gateway:                  
    SIP Port Number:                       5060
    DTMF Relay:                             sip-notify,sub-notify
    MWI Notification:                       unsolicited
    MWI Envelope Info:                   disabled
    SIP RFC Compliance:                 Pre-RFC3261
    CUE# sh software lic
     - Application mode: CCM
     - Total usable system ports: 8

    After a few hours of troublwshooting I found the document on Cisco site  that says:

    "Always verify these items:

    • A Cisco CallManager Express license is present. Issue the show software licenses command. With a Cisco CallManager license, everything works except MWI."

    Task requires to have MWI working properly at all times, but I have to upload CCM license to integrate CUE with CUCM.

    Is any tricks around CUE configuration or it is my misunderstanding of this task?

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  • 09-23-2012 2:38 AM In reply to

    Re: MWI in SRST - Voice Lab 4 Workbook Volume II v3.5

    It was sorted out using sip-ua statements

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  • 09-24-2012 8:38 AM In reply to

    Re: MWI in SRST - Voice Lab 4 Workbook Volume II v3.5

    Can you share the statements that fixed the issue?



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  • 09-01-2013 3:45 AM In reply to

    Re: MWI in SRST - Voice Lab 4 Workbook Volume II v3.5

    I think this is what he means



     mwi-server ipv4:<ip-address of cue>

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