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  • 11-27-2010 12:47 AM

    LAB 4 Section 3.2

    how do i get the peering between R4 & R1 done.

    from the task i undersatnd that to get this peering done, we advertise the loopbacks of  R1,R4,R6 into BGP and then we use 'SEND-LABELS' between the BGP IPV4 peering of R2-R3.

    Since we have MPLS enabled on the transit interfaces of AS 2456 (R2,R4,R5,R6) & AS13 (R3-R1) we should be able to see the loopbacks labels in R1 & R4.


    am i right in understanding the above. But unfortunately i am unable to get the peering between R4 & R1.


    Can somebody shed somelight into how the peering between R4 & R1 is done as i feel i am missing a point here


    Your response is appreciated


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  • 12-17-2010 10:47 AM In reply to

    Re: LAB 4 Section 3.2

    Not sure if you ever found out the answer to this, but you have to get the loopbacks of R4 & R6 into OSPF in AS13 and R1's loopback into ISIS in AS 2456 in order to build the transport labels correctly. Redistributing from BGP (where you previously originated them) into your IGP is the easiest choice. Since this is an Option C Inter-AS design, you have to have regular IPv4 reachability between the VPNv4 peers that will be peering in each AS. 

    Having MPLS on the transit interfaces will NOT get the loopbacks from R1,R4 and R6 into LDP. LDP will not assign labels for BGP learned routes, only IGP. In this case since we do not have LDP enabled between R2 & R3, we would have a break in the LSP between PE's (R4 & R1, for example). This is the reason we need to use BGP send-label to keep the labeled path end to end.



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  • 03-27-2012 10:48 AM In reply to

    Re: LAB 4 Section 3.2

    Hello I did not understand the wording so by seeing the diagram I configured IPv4 peering between R1 and R3 same for AS2456 and of course without redistribution from BGP to ISIS it works and it is easier (less configuration).

    This a situation where I would ask the proctor ;).

    CCIE #27262 (R&S, SP)

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